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About Us
  • We are a manufacturer of monochrome and multicolor, coffee table and children's books, school textbooks, dated products (diaries and calendars) and also thin paper products including Bibles & dictionaries for domestic and international markets. JJ also scores in the production of high quality commercial literature including magazines, brochures, catalogues, annual reports and many more.
    Currently the company is on a major threshold of major expansion activities for providing a solution-oriented project for the following industries:

    As a printing system we stand for innovative, customer oriented solutions that link all stages of printing process to forge the fully integrated workflows of the future.
    Our main goal is to provide, our customers with the best service, combined with our know-how, has allowed us to earn a leading and respected position in the market.
    From conceptualization to the final product, at every stage we go through the proper quality check, research and development and never allow any flaw. Regardless to the stiff quality and specified design parameters, the quality control techniques ensure the finest product every time.
    Our aim is to provide quality products at the customer's doorstep in valuable prices. Our motto is customer satisfaction. We never compromise with quality i.e. we use the best raw material like paper, ink and chemicals to get non-paler quality.
    Our sales, manufacturing and distribution capability improves productivity and efficiency, ensuring a consistent, universal standard of quality.

  • Screen Impose 2000 is used to impose the digital files through software as per job planning and producing single flat as output, resulting in accuracy, swift work and cli ent satisfaction.


  • Our production department represents a dedicated team committed to attaining standards that elevate industry levels resulting in excellent quality product for each customer. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality work at the quickest through- put time for our clients. Utilizing the latest industry technology ensures our customers receive the best product possible, from start to finish. We strive to create a harmonious work place creating a positive and respectful environment for our customers and ourselves.


  • The mission of the Scheduling Department is to coordinate all elements, components and processes of each job to meet the customer's requirements while affecting the most efficient and resourceful use of labor and materials.

  Customer Service

  • Customer Service is committed to effectively executing all aspects of our customers' needs. We provide quality service that exceeds our customers' expectations. We understand the value of proactive input and maintain consistent communication with our customers during all phases of the production cycle. professional manner at all times and representing the "value added" part of the JJ equation is our way of life.


  • Anticipate and act upon customer needs in effort to provide a quality product fully represented in print by combining state-of-the-art technology with skill and experience


  • To provide accurate, timely data to its' internal and external customers, to enable them to make sound business decisions regarding either the operation of individual business segments, or interfacing with the corporation as a whole. -To establish and implement sound business parameters on a proactive basis to measure the effectiveness of performance against expectations. -And to provide the necessary safeguards to ensure company operations and assets are protected.
  1.   Vision Statement
  2.   To be an aknowledge leader through integrity innovation and state of art technology.

  3.   Mission Statement
  4.   The owners and employees of JJ Imprints Pvt. Ltd strive to achieve or surpass the expectations of their customers, suppliers and
    1. Customers
    2. To be an aknowledge leader through integrity innovation and state of art technology.

    3. Employees
    4. By providing safe, secure, meaningful and enjoyable employment for competitive renumeration. By growing as individuals through
           formal training as well as on the job experience.

    5. Growth and Profitability
    6. By growing annually and being profitable so as to maintain up-to-date equipment and premises and provide the owners with a fair
           return on their investment.

    7. Corporate Citizenship
    8. By being environmentally conscientious and contributing to the welfare of the economy and community
  1.   Core Values
    1. Discipline and respect for commitment
    2. Ownership of organization's goals and interests; Taking accountability and responsibility
    3. Trust, sensitivity and professional conduct
    4. Quality orientation and pursuit of excellence
  1.   Goals and Objectives
    1. Our company philosophy focuses on providing solutions, customer satisfaction and quality assurance. The common goal is to provide technology-driven services to customers in a cost efficient manner. We intend to remain as current and qualified as the industry demands. Our proven print production expertise will be there when you need it as a catalyst to your success.

Quality Management System

Occupational Health And Safety Man

Enviornment Management System
Possessing a comprehensive printing hub, we are capable of endowing services that can compliment your business stratagem and incredible existence. Our aim is to deliver technology-driven services in a cost competent manner. To attain the pinnacle of your aspiration and requisites is what we endeavor. Our qualified team of expertise will envisage, plan, craft and print your desired material. Be it creative printing job or a publication for image edifice, you can be assured of the finest results within the given time by leaving aol your requirements to our experts. Giving us an opportunity, can prove out to be your ever paramount resolution.
Sarwan Jain
Creating Lasting Impression ™


Please pass our thanks along to everyone in the plant -prep,press,bindery-for the job they did on today's big issue.It looked great,got out on time and included an important polybag piece.The regular daily routine they work for us,while expected is noted and appreciated

DG- Director of production publishing company.

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