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From designing to plate-making, printing to finishing we have every aspect of it in house. Our strength is latest hi-tech machines and skilled labor, allowing us to shorten turnaround times and control costs effectively.

The production department is divided into four sub-divisions i.e. Prepress, Paper department, Press and Postpress, for the fast and continuous workflow. In order to maintain the quality standards and customer satisfaction level, JJ has set up a quality control and a scheduling department at each sub-division.

  Designing Department

At JJ, we have a Graphic Design Team to assist in the development of your corporate identity. Our designer will put the clients concepts on paper cost-effectively and on time. We will help attract new business by putting your vision on paper.

  Pre-Press Department

Our Computer-to-Plate system allows us to eliminate the film stage, thereby producing clean- er images and crisper color. By investing heavily in electronic prepress equipment and making use of the most efficient and up-to-date Mac and PC technology, we are able to help set our customer apart from its competition.

      Pre-Press Facilities

  •     - Scanners

  •    A high end scanner from hp (model no. 4000c) to obtain higher degree of color accuracy and precision.

  •     - High end work stations

  •    High end Macs and PCs with original softwares of latest versions. All macs and pc's are equipped with all the essential book printing and packaging softwares for smoother functioning and customer satisfaction.

        - Electronic imposition

  •     Screen Impose 2000 is used to impose the digital files through software as per job planning and producing single flat as output, resulting in accuracy, swift work and cli ent satisfaction.
  •     - CTP

  •     We have installed computer-to-plate technology machine from screen (model no. Screen 8300). By making the process fully automatic, it has eliminated manual errors and in turn increased our production capacity and quality.
  •     Ctp using thermal plates
  •      An innovative feature that gives first generation dots on plate and produces sharper images, by exposing directly on to thermal plates.
  •     - Plate Baking machine

  •     We have recently invested on a plate baking machine for clients with jobs demanding higher runs and repeat orders, from memory (model no.B2723).
  •     - Proofing

  •         Digital proofing on Epson style pro 9800.

      Pre-Press stregths

  •     -Capability to handle multiple customers for campaign work.
  •     - Continuous up-gradation of hardware and software
  •     - Fast adaptability to new technology.
  •     - Regular Training & Technical workshops for workmen & Supervisory staff.

  Press Department

  • - We are equipped with sheetfed presses and perfectors.
  • - Our state-of-the-art Komori from Japan and Heidelberg from Germany presses, are capable of producing up to 15,000 – 18,000 sheets per hour with multiple colors. The machines are equipped with fully programmed CPC.
  • - Through CPC, the consistency of the job is maintained and can be saved in memory for future repeat orders.
  • - The larger the press run, the more cost-effective the job becomes. With our presses, we can provide with the excellent quality and service at a price you can afford.
  • - Our Continuous investment in printing technology ensures that the latest techniques and effects can be employed. The high-speed, hi-tech equipment provides you with a fast turnaround and consistently superior quality.

      Press stregths

  •     -Multiple printing machines - Sheetfed and Perfectors
  •     - Most cost effective and efficient printing solution to meet all your needs.
  •     - Continuous investment in printing technology to ensure the application of latest techniques and effects.
  •     - The high-speed, hi-tech equipment provides you with a fast turnaround.
  •     - Consistent superior quality.

  Paper Department

  • We maintain a huge paper stock in our warehouse of different size, thickness, grain and quality.

  Binding and finishing department

  • JJ Imprints has an extensive array of automated binderies dedicated to provide quality binding services to meet the exacting demands of our customers.

Our wide range of binding services are as follows:

  • • Periodical/Journal Binding
    • Hardcover and Edition Binding
  • • Perfect Binding (paperback)
  • • Saddle Stitch and Loop Stitch
  • • Library Binding
  • • Leather Binding
  • • Sewing
  • • Wire-o Binding and Spiral Binding
  • • Slipcases.
  • We have the latest technology in finishing equipment. To compliment our printing, we have adequate capacities in cutting, folding, collating and sewing.
  • No matter how large or small your project is, it will receive the highest standard of care and attention from our fully trained finishing operators, ensuring the result you want is achieved.
  • Our finishing services are as follows:
  • -UV Varnish

  • Liquid laminate bonded and cured with ultraviolet light. This varnish is environment friendly.
  • - Spot Varnish

  • The application of varnish to selective areas to create a highlight or contrast effect.
  • - Aqueous Varnish

  • A water based coating which is applied in the same manner as ink. It is used to protect and enhance the printed piece.
  • - Film Lamination

  • The application of transparent plastic film, usually with a high-gloss finish, to the surface of printed matter to enhance its appearance and to increase its durability.
  • - Hot Foil Stamping

  • A printing technique using very thin aluminium foil in a variety of metallic colours, such as gold, silver, red and blue. The metallic foil is released from carrier base onto a substrate by the application of heat and pressure from a metal printing plate which bears the image to be hot-foiled.
  • - Embossing

  • The process of raising, by an un-inked block, letters or designs on card or strong paper.
  • - Creasing

  • A crease applied, in a straight line, to a sheet of paper to allow it to fols easier and more accurately.
  • - Die Cutting

  • The process to give paper or substrate products specific shapes or designs using metal dies, that cannot be accomplished by a straight cut on a guillotine cutter.
  • -Index Cutting

  • The index cutting machine serves for index cutting on books, brochures and loose sheets in an efficient and reliable manner. The indexing operation is actuated by means of a pedal. The knives made of top class steel along with the rugged guides ensure precise indexing results. Special features of this machine include multiple locking in the knife area and easy handling of the machine.
  • - Gilding

  • A term that applies not only the fixing of gold leaf but also to the fixing of all other leaf or powdered metals to the surface of wood, paper, srucco, glass, metals, textalies etc. it also covers bronzing and lacquering.
  • - Folding

  • The process of bending printed sheets in a specific area so the sheets can then be formed into pamphlets, brochoures, booklets pr any other type of product requiring this process.
  • Sewing

  • - Sewn case Binding

  • A book made with stiff outer cover, which is usually covered with cloth, vinyl or leather. The signatures in the bookhave been sewn together and then the forst and last pages of the book are glued to the inside of the front and back cover. The spine of the signatures is not glued to the book.
  • - Sewn soft cover binding

  • Binding of paperback or soft covers that are sewn onto the pages of a book rather that with the use of adhesive or wire binding.
  • - Saddle Stitching

  • The method of binding the pages of a section where the folded pages are stiched through the fold from the outside, using a wire staple.
  • - Tipping and Gathering

  • Inserting the printed pages, sections or signatures of a book in the correct order for binding. Services | 14
  • - Wire-o Binding

  • Binding that consists of series of double wire loops from a continuous preformed wire which are inserted into pages that have been punched with square or round holes.
  • -Spiral Binding

  • Book binding that consist of a spiral wire or plastic that is wound through holes. Also referred to as coil binding.
  • - Silk Screen Printing

  • A printing process that uses a stencil that is mounted on stretched silk. Ink is pressed through the silk in the open areas of the stencil to create an image on the substrate being printed.

  Quality control and Inspection department

  • - With the rising quality standards in the market and in order to accomplish customer satisfaction, we have established our own Quality Control and Inspection department.
  • The primary duty of this department is to check the quality of the product at every stage of its production i.e. prepress, printing, postpress and delivery. This has helped us to match our product with our customer requirement and quality standards, and has also helped us improve our house standards.

  Technical support instrument and department

  • - Densitometer

  • This instrument is measuring the darkness or stopping power of exposed and processed prints called density.
  • - -Photo-spectrometer

  • This instrument is basically used to produce density reading. Unlike the densitometer this is used to preserve the color densities. It helps a lot to determine the values and calibration of our prints during the printing.

   Logistic Services

We have patnership with the major logistic companies (road, ship, air) and are capable of delivering the job to our customer in the specified time frame.


Our customer service representatives work closely with the sales team to ensure that your requirements are met. We have the ability to give our clients the highest quality products, meet tight deadlines, and offer great value.

  List Of Machines

  CTP   Screen 8300   28"*40"   1
  Processor   Screen   28"*40"    
  Plate Guming   memory   28"*40"   1
  Digital Proofing   Epson   28"   1
  Macintosh   Apple       5
  Pentium-4 Computers   HCL   250 GB HDD   10
  Laser Printers 1020   HP   1200DPI   2
  Inkjet Printer   HP   670C   2
  Scanner   HP   4000C   2
  Camera   Agfra German Vertical   20"*26"   1
  Printing Frame (Matel halide)   Amar Supama   28"*40"   1
  Pasting Table   Memory  28"*40"   2
  Fero Machine   Amar Supama   28"*30"   1
  Banking Machine   Memory   28"   1
  SORS   Hiedelburg 1/C  28"*40"   1
  LS 2nd 240   KOMORI 2/C  28"*40"   1
  SPICA 429 Brand New   KOMORI 4/C   28"*30"   1
  LITHRON S40 Brand New   KOMORI 4/C  28"*40"   1
  Folding   Polygraph   28"*40"   2
  Folding   MBO   28"*40"   2
  Sewing Autofeeder   Polygraph German   23"   1
  Perfect Binder (6 clamp )   Wellbound   23"   1
  Wohlenberg Golf 18 Gathering 22 Perfect..   Wohlenberg   22 Stations   1
  Programing Cutting   Polar   28"*40"   1
  Three Knife Trimmer SDY1   Perfecta 3 Knife   20"   2
  Hydrolic Bundeling   JOY      3
  Hydrolic Nipping   JOY     3
  Hard Binding Process Line   JOY     1
  Stiching Machine      18"   3
  Flowline 6 Stations + cover   Muller Martini      1
  Numbering Hard machine   Power automatic      4
  Steping Machine   Eagle      2
  Shrink Packing   German   Fullyautomatic   2
  generator   Kirloskar   125 K.V.   1
  Generator   Kirloskar   250 K.V.A.   1
  U.P.S.   Emerson   20 K.V.A. , 25 K.V.A.   1
  Aster 180   Kolbus      1
  Aster 2000   Kolbus      1
   CASE MAKER DA 231    Kolbus       1


Please pass our thanks along to everyone in the plant - prep , press , bindery - for the job they did on today's big issue. It looked great , got out on time and included an important polybag piece. The regular daily routine they work for us, while expected is noted and appreciated

DG- Director of production publishing company.

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